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The World’s Greatest Con Man

By the time Victor Lustig settled in America, he had already pulled off one of the greatest cons in history. Posing as a government official, Lustig had sold the Eiffel Tower for 7, 000 tons of scrap to a metal

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A Real-Life Jekyll and Hyde

Born and raised in Dayton Ohio, Oliver Crook Haugh was said to be something of a bully. He didn’t last in the family business and instead worked at a local pharmacy. There he had access to cocaine and other strong

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Instrument of Death

Imagine music so ethereal that if it didn’t kill you, it drove you mad. That was the claim of the armonica, which worked on the same principal as running a moistened finger around a glass. Benjamin Franklin refined the idea

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The Deadliest Hotel Fire

When the elevator operator arrived in the lobby yelling “Fire,” the blaze had already engulfed three floors of the fifteen-floor Winecoff Hotel in downtown Atlanta. The building’s square design, with the stairwells and elevators in the middle, acting like a

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The Bungled Execution

Cowboy Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum was a cowboy most of his life. Then he joined the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang and started robbing trains. And murdering people. In August 1899, he attempted to single-handedly rob a train that his brother Sam had

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