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No Cure for Greed

Based on his training and background, Dr. Albert Abrams was a really good turn-of-the-century doctor. As a young man, he studied at the Medical College of the Pacific, then in Germany at the University of Heidelberg in 1882, and was

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A Real-Life Jekyll and Hyde

Born and raised in Dayton Ohio, Oliver Crook Haugh was said to be something of a bully. He didn’t last in the family business and instead worked at a local pharmacy. There he had access to cocaine and other strong

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Flexner vs. The Quacks

In 1885, Abraham Flexner finished his two years of study at Johns Hopkins. After teaching for a few years, he created and ran an experimental school for more than a decade. In 1908, he published a survey of American colleges.

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Cocaine: The Remedy for Many Ills

An 1885 New York Times article “Remedy for Many Ills,” touted a new wonder drug: “The doctors say cocaine is bound to be a blessing for that source of horrible annoyance so easy to obtain and so hard to get

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