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Blackbeard’s Headless Ghost

In May 1718, Blackbeard’s large fleet of pirate ships boldly blocked the port of Charleston, South Carolina. He robbed approaching ships and captured rich Charleston citizens, who he held for ransom. Afterwards, Blackbeard retreated to his base on Ocracoke Island,

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Old Mansion, Old Ghost

British Colonel Roger Morris built the mansion in 1765. George Washington used it as his headquarters in 1776. He also dined here in 1790 with John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Yet few things in the house’s long history were as

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Al Capone and the Ghost of a Gangster

In 1929, Chicago gangster Al Capone was caught by police carrying hidden weapons. He wassentenced to eight months at Eastern State Penitentiary. Capone had so much power that he ran his illegal businesses from his richly decorated cell. The Philadelphia

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