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The Criminal Cop

Charles Becker’s life changed in July 1911. Before then, the New York City policeman had worked a few cases that brought him some renown. But then he was assigned to head up one of three Special Squads, which a newspaper

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Prison Couldn’t Stop Him

Known as a charming burglar, Frank “Jelly” Nash was said to have committed more than 200 robberies during his lifetime. He began in his early twenties, with his first arrest coming in May 1911 for robbing a store in Oklahoma.

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Dillinger’s Death Circus

Over an 18-month period starting in 1933, John Dillinger earned his status as the FBI’s first Public Enemy Number One. He and his gang killed ten men, including a sheriff, while robbing banks and police arsenals, and during three jail

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Al Capone and the Ghost of a Gangster

In 1929, Chicago gangster Al Capone was caught by police carrying hidden weapons. He wassentenced to eight months at Eastern State Penitentiary. Capone had so much power that he ran his illegal businesses from his richly decorated cell. The Philadelphia

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