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The Terrible Cherry Hill Mine Disaster

Due to an electrical outage, the nearly 500 workers in the coal mine in Cherry, Illinois on November 13, 1909 had to light kerosene lanterns and torches. One caught fire to a cart full of hay for the mules, which

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The Deadliest Hotel Fire

When the elevator operator arrived in the lobby yelling “Fire,” the blaze had already engulfed three floors of the fifteen-floor Winecoff Hotel in downtown Atlanta. The building’s square design, with the stairwells and elevators in the middle, acting like a

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Three Rings of Death

When Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth came to Hartford in July 1944, people stood in line for hours to see the show. The massive big top was packed with more than 6,000 people, held spellbound

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