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No Cure for Greed

Based on his training and background, Dr. Albert Abrams was a really good turn-of-the-century doctor. As a young man, he studied at the Medical College of the Pacific, then in Germany at the University of Heidelberg in 1882, and was

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Mad as a Hatter

In 1880, Danbury Connecticut was the nation’s hat-making capital, manufacturing 4.5 million hats a year. The town’s motto was “Danbury Crowns Them All.” Along with being center for headwear, it was also known for the prevalence of a disease known as

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The Speckled Monster, 1721

Smallpox epidemics were the scourge of the American colonies. What began as flu-like symptoms, soon led to spots then red blisters that covered the victim’s body. If you survived the infection known as “the speckled monster,” you would be definitely

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