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Lured by Love Letters to a Gruesome Death

How does a tall, 200-pound Norwegian woman just disappear? Especially after newspapers report that dozens of bodies have been dug up from her farm? By faking her death, which is what many believe Belle Gunness did in 1908. Belle is

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Dillinger’s Death Circus

Over an 18-month period starting in 1933, John Dillinger earned his status as the FBI’s first Public Enemy Number One. He and his gang killed ten men, including a sheriff, while robbing banks and police arsenals, and during three jail

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H.H. Holmes’s Murder Castle

How devious do you have to be to build an ornate torture chamber inside a three-story, block-long hotel on the busy south side of Chicago? Mass murderer Henry Howard Holmes, who confessed and recanted to killing at least 27 people,

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