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No Cure for Greed

Based on his training and background, Dr. Albert Abrams was a really good turn-of-the-century doctor. As a young man, he studied at the Medical College of the Pacific, then in Germany at the University of Heidelberg in 1882, and was

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Blackbeard’s Headless Ghost

In May 1718, Blackbeard’s large fleet of pirate ships boldly blocked the port of Charleston, South Carolina. He robbed approaching ships and captured rich Charleston citizens, who he held for ransom. Afterwards, Blackbeard retreated to his base on Ocracoke Island,

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Queen of Swindlers

“Mrs. Cassie Chadwick, whose amazing financial transactions culminated in the wrecking of an Oberlin bank, died in the women’s ward at the Ohio Penitentiary tonight at 10:15. . . “ So ended the mind-boggling story of one of the greatest

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Hitler Inspired by Henry Ford

Henry Ford was a genius at innovation, creating the first mass-produced automobile, which made him rich. However, he also had a stubborn conviction in his own beliefs, no matter how far-fetched. In 1919 Ford bought The Dearborn Independent, billing it

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The Mummy Bride

Karl Tanzler, who introduced himself as Count Carl Von Cosel, was a German immigrant with a wife and two daughters when he began his spiritual quest to meet his true soul mate. In his memoir, he wrote that she visited

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