Blackbeard’s Headless Ghost

In May 1718, Blackbeard’s large fleet of pirate ships boldly blocked the port of Charleston, South Carolina. He robbed approaching ships and captured rich Charleston citizens, who he held for ransom.

Afterwards, Blackbeard retreated to his base on Ocracoke Island, where he and his crew threw raucous parties. Fed up, the governor of Virginia hired Lieutenant Robert Maynard to arrest Blackbeard. As Maynard approached the island, Blackbeard responded with cannon fire. Maynard’s crew took a lot of casualties. The rest hid below deck. When Blackbeard boarded the ship, Maynard’s crew attacked. The fearsome pirate was shot five times and stabbed 20 times before finally dying.


Maynard cut off the pirate’s head and hung it on the front of his ship and dumped Blackbeard’s body into the cove. His crew claimed the body swam three times around the ship before finally sinking into the water. His ghost has been supposedly seen searching the empty beaches for his head.


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