Month: November 2015

Instrument of Death

Imagine music so ethereal that if it didn’t kill you, it drove you mad. That was the claim of the armonica, which worked on the same principal as running a moistened finger around a glass. Benjamin Franklin refined the idea

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Mad as a Hatter

In 1880, Danbury Connecticut was the nation’s hat-making capital, manufacturing 4.5 million hats a year. The town’s motto was “Danbury Crowns Them All.” Along with being center for headwear, it was also known for the prevalence of a disease known as

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The Deadliest Hotel Fire

When the elevator operator arrived in the lobby yelling “Fire,” the blaze had already engulfed three floors of the fifteen-floor Winecoff Hotel in downtown Atlanta. The building’s square design, with the stairwells and elevators in the middle, acting like a

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