Month: December 2014

Dillinger’s Death Circus

Over an 18-month period starting in 1933, John Dillinger earned his status as the FBI’s first Public Enemy Number One. He and his gang killed ten men, including a sheriff, while robbing banks and police arsenals, and during three jail

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Rogue’s Gallery

The modern mug shot was not invented in America. That honor went to French police officer Alphonse Bertillon, who created the first system of identifying habitual criminals using physical measurements and photography, which was adopted in 1883. At the time

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Cocaine: The Remedy for Many Ills

An 1885 New York Times article “Remedy for Many Ills,” touted a new wonder drug: “The doctors say cocaine is bound to be a blessing for that source of horrible annoyance so easy to obtain and so hard to get

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